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By booking a portrait with Alexandra Hagel Art, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

Portraits are completed on a first come first serve basis.  The client’s spot is reserved once the 25% security deposit is received and the portrait cannot be started until this is received.  An estimated completion date will be agreed upon between the artist and the client.  This will depend on the amount of bookings at that time of the year.  If the client is requesting a specific delivery date, please contact the artist ahead of time so that the portrait can be completed in that specific time frame.  

Portraits will be shipped out upon the client’s 100% satisfaction and payment of the remaining balance.  A tracking number will be provided.  

In the unlikely event that the portrait arrives damaged, a photo of the damage must be emailed within 24 hours.  The artwork must be returned to the artist and depending on the extent of the damage, a new portrait can be recreated at no cost.  This new portrait will be added to the waitlist.   






The artist retains the copyright of the artwork produced and has the right to display the artwork on this website, in portfolios, and on social media.  If the artwork is a gift, it will not be displayed until it is received.  The client does not have the right to reproduce or sell the artwork.  


A mounted portrait created in either pastel pencil or colored pencil based off of a reference photo provided by the client.  If a quality reference photo cannot be provided, the artist has the right to turn down the commission.  Exceptions can be made for old photos of pets that have passed on.  

The artist is not responsible for import taxes for portraits shipped outside of the U.S.


Gift vouchers can be used up to a year from the day they are purchased.  They can be applied towards commissions and prints.  They cannot be used in conjunction with an already existing sale.  Each gift voucher will have a unique number.  In order to redeem the gift voucher, a picture of the front and back showing the code must be emailed to the artist.  

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